The Vienna University of Technology (Institute of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, executive board member of the Institute of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy Univ. Professor Dr. Wilfried Schönbäck) organized together with the office FALCH, consultants for rural and regional development Landeck (Arch. DI Friedrich Falch, lector) and Rural Development in the period October 2003 - June 2004 a intercultural and interdisciplinary study project concerning the topic "Integrated Regional Development in Developing Countries". Project area is the valley Rio Loco in the northern Andes. In the setting of a 5-week of field trip intensive research will be accomplished concerning the main topics migration and natural catastrophe precaution. Thereby the co-operation of Austrian students of the TU Wien with a team of Peruvian counterparts of the Universidad Nacional del Santa (Chimbote) is fundamental.