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Wind parks

Wind energy is better adapted for large amounts of energy, but in contrast to photovoltaic it’s not possible to implement it close to a settlement, because of the visual impact and because of the possible noise emission (according to the direction of the wind). Like photovoltaic wind energy is a well proven technology with a short implementation time. To produce energy for the Muscat area it is suggested to build an offshore wind park located at the northern coast of Oman, because it is important that energy is produced where it is needed in order to keep the conduction losses small.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Short implementation time
  • Proven technology
  • Low noise pollution and visual impact if established offshore

  • Disdvantages:

  • Visual impact on the landscape
  • Noise emission is possible
  • Directly produced electricity is expensive to store
  • Location:
    Wind Energy could easily be produced in the Dhofar Region in the area around Thumrait, because it shouldn’t be located near to settlements because of the noise impact and the southern part of Oman has got more wind, than the north. To supply the Muscat area it is necessary to establish an offshore wind park at the coast ahead of Muscat.

    Time frame:
    Beside the first projects in the photovoltaic sector some projects of the wind sector should be realized very soon as well: First a wind park in the Dhofar Region in the area around Thumrait should be realized, which can be implemented in just a few years.
    Further projects concerning wind energy will be offshore wind parks at the northern coast of Oman to supply the Muscat area. Because offshore wind parks are more expensive and more complicated to convert, it is important that this project is well-considered and therefore it is necessary to give the project enough time to be developed in detail.

    Offshore wind park