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As Oman is developing and growing so fast, in the future the cities will get bigger and more dense. At the moment there is not a lot of urbanity in the cities, but in some years cities like Muscat, Salalah or Sohar should become more urban to stay attractive for people. The design of public spaces gains importance and it should be possible to add some aspects of modern architecture in the cities. This step by step urbanization could start at the existing industrial estates, where modern architecture is already used. In the process of transforming the industrial estates into modern economy and knowledge clusters the building structure around these areas could be modernized too. The goal of the Vision DNA Oman is not to build one skyscraper after another but to find a marriage between tradition and modernity in the building structure of the cities. Through the higher density it will become possible to use better and more efficient cooling systems like for example “district cooling” which will reduce the waste of energy.