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P3 | Visioning Oman

This homepage was produced in the context of the P3 "Visioning Oman". The P3 is the main project in the master's program "Urban and spatial planning" at VUT (Vienna University of Technology).

The work on the P3 "Visioning Oman" lasted for about 10 months and took place in 4 phases:

  • Situational analysis and SWOT
  • Workshop preparation and research on national development plans
  • Mobile workshop Oman in cooperation with Sultan Qaboos University
  • Vision development
  • Contact

    For sharing your ideas about the vision and asking further questions please contact us under oman.dna@gmail.com.


    All contents of this homepage and the complementary report are ideas of the project group only and were not supported or published by any institutions in Austria or the Sultanate of Oman.