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The own house plays a rather important role in the Omani society because it is a place where family comes together. But without doubt single family homes are the building type with the highest land and energy consumption. In rural areas it is therefore a goal to make the building structure more compact without giving up the residential unit of the house.
One option to achieve this goal is to build row houses. An example for existing row houses in Oman would be “The wave”, a recently built area in Muscat. By joining the houses together on two sides, the building sites can be used more efficiently, less space is needed and the costs for water supply, sewer and road access are reduced. Furthermore using the right construction technology, the energy consumption can be reduced as the buildings are not standing on their own and aren’t exposed to the sun that much. Nevertheless the houses and gardens or yards can be arranged individually. Also building row houses doesn’t necessarily interfere with the Omani building style if the two building concepts are combined.

Modern Omani house