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The best proven technology is photovoltaic, which is very easy to apply and can be used even by single households themselves. This technology is also suitable for off-grid systems, which play a major role for the areas that are very isolated and therefore not suitable for on-grid connections. Examples for these operational areas are desert camps and small villages which are laid far away from other settlements. In contrast to concentrated solar power the implementation for photovoltaic is extremely short.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very flexible in size
  • Decreasing costs for PV in the future
  • Suitable as off-grid as well
  • Simple to apply
  • Proven technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life time

  • Disdvantages:

  • Expensive to establish
  • Only works while the sun is shining
  • Directly produced electricity is expensive to store
  • Location:
    The location for PV projects could be anywhere, because it even works with hazy conditions, off-grid systems can be used in areas with very little settlement (e.g. desert camps, bus stop in the desert) for local use.

    Time frame:
    The first projects that should be realized are the photovoltaic sector and the wind energy, because both types of energy winning can be implemented fast.
    In order to improve the situation for those who are not connected to electricity yet, it is suggested to force the off-grid systems first and then to introduce it to public buildings and also try to convince the private households from using photovoltaic themselves. The first two points concerning photovoltaic can be realized within a few years; the third point of course means awareness rising and therefore is a process, that has to run for a long time in order to change the mentality of all generations.

    Implementations of photovoltaik