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iEMO | Individual Electric Mobility Oman

The iEMO is a project for individual elctric mobility in Oman with the same goals as the EMO, which means sustainability and ecologically friendly aspects are very important. In rural areas where it is hard to implement public transportation and every Omani is depending on his/her own car, the iEMO can be an ecologic alternative. The time frame for the iEMO is longer than the timeframe for the EMO because it will take some time to build up a connected system of recharging stations. As in case of the EMO it is also necessary to implement the energy vision of DNA Oman to provide the iEMOs with energy supplies.
Oman has already done a lot of research on electronic cars and these prototypes could be developed further to become the future iEMO vehicle. These are the basic informations which were released in 2010 about the Oman-built electronic car:
- Range: 2,250 miles
- Time between required maintenance: 21 years
- 0-60 time: four seconds
- 800 horsepower engine

Electric car Oman

To promote the change to and use of iEMO cars some measures by the government should be taken:
- Sales appeal by offering financial support
- Reduced energy rates fort the use of iEMOs
- Introduction of taxes for oil-based vehicles
- Awareness raising through marketing campaigns (e.g. unappealing stickers for non-ecologic cars)