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Green campaign

Beside the development of sustainable energy systems in Oman it is also very important to raise the awareness for the importance of reducing the energy consumption in general. In Oman there already exist some campaigns for raising the public awareness for sustainability. There is also an own category at the „Green Oman Awards“ for the „green campaign of the year“. The challenge is to spread these campaigns all over the country and involve more people.

Participation process
One method of spreading the information about awareness could be realized in the context of the regional forums (see also key topic Tourism) . For the public a participation offer, for example a "World Cafe", could take place, where peaople are invited to join the process of developing a sustainable country. The idea is to talk about "my personal energy vision" and discuss the possibilities of implementation. It is not about finding the one solution. The process of talking about own wishes and visions helps raising the personal awareness for sustainability and the use of energy.

Web 2.0
Sharing the campaigns for energy awareness can be enforced by modern technical ways of communication. The concept builds on a platform which connects all people and constructs a network of ideas. With the aid of technical devices like mobile phones, tablet pcs or interactive info-screens it is very easy to spread information. The main idea is that people can not only view the information but also take part in the process of building up awareness. Through applications everyone can add ideas and comment on the different topics and share them with others on the internet. This will help raising the personal awareness and bring new ideas and concepts to the people. It might also increase the feeling of solidarity between the citizens.

Green campaign