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Geothermic research

At the moment there are not too many geothermal power plants and it is quite expensive to use it, nevertheless geothermal power supply could play an important role for Oman in the further future, because in contrast to solar energy and especially to photovoltaic, which cannot store the produced energy effective geothermal energy can be used constantly for the medium load, while the solar energy produces most energy while the peak load (over the day time). For the hydrothermal power generation water temperatures have to be at least 100C, to drive a turbine directly it has to be over 150C, to reach these temperatures there are expensive deep drillings with some kilometers depth necessary, but with some methods (for example Organic Rankine Cycle, Kalina Cycle) its possible to produce energy even with temperatures of less than 100C. Because the efficiency then is not very high and there are other processes in development it is important to watch the development of geothermal power supply and explore this field of energy winning.

The highest soil temperatures (90 to 174C) are located in the northern part of Oman in the mountains, especially around Nizwa between Ibri, Fahud and Ibra.

Time frame:
In the future, especially when there is no Natural Gas left geothermal power could play an important role in Oman for the medium load, but as it is not necessary for the peak loads, which can be covered by solar and wind energy, in the first step it is enough to focus on the research concerning geothermal power.

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