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Beside the key project for the Muscat area, the vision DNA Oman also includes mobility projects for the countryside. One of these projects is the EMO - Electric Mobility Oman. The EMO project is an inter-regional bus system for the Sultanate which will connect the bigger cities in Oman. At the moment some kind of bus systems already exist. The idea is to use a classic transportation concept and combine it with sustainable, non-oil-based and environmentally friendly systems.
Public transport with buses is the cheapest and most efficient system for sparsely populated areas because the road infrastructure is already existing and it's not necessary to invest in building up an expensive rail system right away. Existing buses should be replaced step by step by modern and low emission vehicles. This measure can be implemented short-termed and it's also possible to adapt the concept of the bus stations simultaneously for improved comfort.
These measures can of course only be put into practice if the DNA Oman vision for energy is implemented as the highly technological buses will be in need of much non-oil-based energy. As a reference the concept of the "Superbus" can be mantioned. The "Superbus" is a 15 meters long vehicle for 23 passengers with a maximum speed of 250 km/h which was developed in the Netherlands and tested in Dubai.
Another important reason for the implementation of a well connected public transportation system is that the reduction of individual traffic can help decrease the number of accidents in Oman.