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Certification network

This measure means generating and establishing a label in Oman, which ensures quality and sustainability in tourism. The certification can be awarded in different categories, for example for touristic attractions like nature parks or vocational schools for tourism,...
The idea of a Certification Network for Oman comes from the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas: “The Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas brings together certification programs, public and private entities that promote certification and other environmental, tourism-related and academic organizations, all aiming to share information, reach out to other relevant programs, identify training needs and define a progressive market strategy.” (see details)
The main concept of the Certification Network for sustainable tourism is built on the system of the regional forums, which includes establishing a forum and an assembly of representatives of each region, which decides about the certifications. In the regional forums the local projects and their level of sustainability can be discussed. There can be different levels for the certification award so there can always be a chance of improving the level and the efforts of the project managers won't stop.
For example a company, which invests in a tourism project for the region, could reach one level of the certificate if it is running only on renewable energy. The specific requirements for each level should be developed in the Regional Forums.
The main goal is to develop and improve sustainable tourism through knowledge exchange. The mission of the Certification Network is to promote sustainable tourism in the regions through strengthening tourism initiatives based on mutual respect and recognition, joint efforts, harmonizing systems, sharing information and experience.
Network objectives include:
- establishing common work tools by and for member programs
- creating and executing a joint marketing strategy
- defining strategies to promote the application of best practices and certification processes to tourism operations, especially those which are small- and medium-sized
DNA Oman
The time frame for the implementation of the certification network is short termed, Forums can be installed easily and the process of developing sustainable concepts for Tourism could start within the next 5 years. A linkage to the existing “Oman Green Awards” (see details) could be set. “Oman Green Award” is a platform, which honors different campaigns, businesses or other institutions for outstanding environmental projects or achievements. There exist nine award categories at the moment, for example the “Green Campaign of the Year”, “Green Education Award” or the “Green Research Award”. These awards could be adapted for the best practice examples of the year.