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About DNA Oman

DNA Oman – What does that mean?

In biology and genetic engineering, DNA is defined as a biomolecule which carries all the genetic information. This genetic code is unique and can only be assigned to one individual. The genetic information defines the individual itself and stands for its uniqueness. The DNA of an individual never changes – it will always build the base to who a person is biologically.
Applying the symbol of DNA to Oman it is beyond question that the country has its own culture, history and landscape which cannot be found anywhere in the world in the exact same way. This uniqueness will remain unchanged – it defines the Omani identity.
The goal of our vision DNA Oman is to develop the country considering its “DNA” and keeping its unique identity. Oman has gone through big changes in the last decades and has a lot of potentials for future development. Using and developing these is not a contradiction to the goal of keeping the identity of the country – if the principles of DNA Oman are followed: developing, networking, activating.


Development can be defined as “economic and social transformation that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions”. We define the process of developing as the work with existing potentials of the country and the setting of goals concerning different key topics. We are aware of the fact that unique solutions have to be found to be applied to Oman and that concepts for regional planning cannot just be copied from Europe or other regions.


The vision DNA Oman focuses on the existing network of cities and regions in Oman and tries to give a spatial reference to its ideas and solutions. It has to be considered that different cities and regions have different potentials which can complement each other in order to increase the competitive advantage and the quality of living in Oman. Bearing in mind the network of cities and regions the flexibility concerning spatial application and time horizon of realization of solutions and ideas plays a major role.


Key topics - DNA Oman

It is essential that planning and development isn't applied from outside but realized by local and regional institutions. These institutions should be activated to apply solutions and ideas to the matching location but remain independent concerning detailed planning. The vision DNA Oman shouldn't be understood as a detailed planning concept but as a development strategy which can be adapted according to the economic, social and technological situation.

The 6 key topics

While the biological DNA consists of Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine, the vision “DNA Oman” centres on six major topics: Mobility, energy, education, economy, tourism and building structure. Developing a vision for the next decades these points are the most important key topics determining the future of Oman.

Development of logo and design

DNA Oman The red & green logo represents our vision DNA OMAN by showing a DNA-strand. It refers to our goal of identifying the DNA of Oman and develop projects which use this DNA of the country. The topic overview with the six hexagons was adapted from the chemical structure of DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid as seen on the images. It shows not only the six key topics of the vision but also symbolizes the connection and dependency of these six topics. DNA OMAN can only be implemented if all key topic goals are realized hand in hand.



The written report mainly contains the same topics and texts as the homepage and was created to enable reading about the vision DNA OMAN in a neatly arranged way. Another point is that the homepage requires internet connection and a report can be read without any technical devices. Through the report the vision DNA OMAN can reach a larger number of people and can be distributed also to people, who are not familiar with the internet.

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Beside the report a website was created which mainly includes the texts from the report but also involves an interactive map which is the heart of the homepage. Nowadays it is indispensable to be present on the internet with a project to spread information widely and efficiently. A proper email address was installed, so it is easy to contact the team for more information.
The idea of the homepage is that it is very easy to share all around the world through the internet and also can be modified and improved very easily. It is possible to spread the information about the vision DNA OMAN through info-screens on well-frequented places or by publishing applications for mobile devices like mobile phones or tablet computers. A further adaptation to the homepage of the vision could be an interactive forum where people can add their comments, opinions and critics about the vision and the projects.
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