Urban design concepts for selected high priority locations

The Objectives

Urban design concepts should be worked out for building complexes to be renovated, open space structures and other "hot spots" in selected areas in the City of Odessa.
The concepts should be related to the cultural tradition of the city and show options for new development. They should have the character of first proposals rather than being concepts for actualisation, as that is not the main content of the programme at this stage.


summery of the results




Students from Vienna

  • AUMAYR Bernhard (Architecture, Vienna University of Technology)
  • HOFBAUER Vera (Urban and Regional Planning, Vienna University of Techno-logy)
  • IWANOWYTSCH Michael (Architecture, Vienna University of Technology)
  • SCHÖNAUER Gernot (Architecture, Vienna University of Technology)


  • HOFER Andreas (Institute of Urban and Regional Planning, Vienna University of Technology)
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